Lionel Sends Dealers A Sneak Peek
at the Classic II 2000 Catalog

Our next catalog (Classic II 2000) will be available in early September. This catalog will contain some exciting and very desirable products that will ship this year and others scheduled for the first part of 2001.

A separate sale sheet for our Christmas items will come out the first week of August so you will be able to order this merchandise early, in plenty of time to maximize your sales on these popular products.

We wanted to give you a preview of some of the items in our September catalog. Here is a sampling:

Lionel's Popular Archive Series continues...
Kansas City Southern F-3 AA Set with Matching Aluminum Passenger Cars: Lionel's classic F3 returns in the bold black, red and yellow paint scheme of the Kansas City Southern Railroad. Found in our archives, the story of why these stunning locomotives were never produced remains a mystery, but they are finally taking their rightful place in the pages of the Classic II catalog. They are Command Controlled™ with Railsounds™, Crewtalk™ and TowerCom™. A matching set of four aluminum passenger cars make a great addition to this locomotive set.

(6-14500) Kansas City Southern F3 A-A Locomotive Set
(6-19194 Kansas City Southern Aluminum Passenger Car 4-Pack

Commuter Travel Will Never Be the Same!
New Haven and Reading Interurban 2-Packs: Your customers will love running their own commuter lines with these detailed Interurban MU cars. Last offered almost ten years ago, these highly decorated cars have been enhanced with TrainMaster® Command Control, promising to make them even more popular than ever. Interior Illumination and directional lighting are standard features. This set comes with one powered unit and one dummy unit.

(6-18328) New Haven Interurban 2-Pack
(6-18331) Reading Interurban 2-Pack

Finish Your Sets with Style...
Die-cast Woodside Cabooses: A Lionel Classic returns in all die-cast! The woodside caboose synonymous with the New York Central Railroad, resurfaces with a die-cast body, cupola, and frame, and boasts interior illumination. Offered in three impressive paint schemes -- two New York Central and A Lionel Lines Gold Plated add-on to the Anniversary 700E Hudson - these cabooses are sure to fly off the shelves!

(6-17635) Lionel Lines Gold-Plated Anniversary
(6-17636) New York Central Jade Green "Green Cross for Safety"
(6-17637) New York Central "Quicker Via Peoria"

The Most Realistic Passenger Cars Ever Made!
Aluminum Superliner Passenger Car 4-Packs: You won't believe your eyes when you see these all-new super realistic passenger cars. Inspired by Amtrak's Superliner cars introduced in 1979 and Santa Fe's Hi-Level cars of the 1950's, these 18-inch extruded aluminum cars offer more detail than any on the market today. Inside is an operator's dream with full interiors designed from actual Amtrak and Santa Fe drawings and seats occupied with happy travelers. Outside, the aluminum construction provides a sturdy realistic look, and exacting add-on details provide the finishing touch. There is no doubt about it, these will be the cars that everyone wants.

(6-39124) Amtrak
(6-39129) Santa Fe

Lionel's Newest Operating Car...
Operating Hobo Car: Your customers will get a kick out of this all-new operating car. A sneaky hobo travels alongside the boxcar as it rolls down the tracks. Up ahead, a railroad cop awaits his arrival. Just when he thinks he will catch the hobo, the hobo magically springs up into the boxcar averting a run-in with the police. Simply reset the mechanical arm on which the hobo rides and watch him fly again the next time around. Everyone will howl with delight as they watch the acrobatics of this clever hobo. (6-26725)

Postwar Celebration Favorite...
Postwar Operating 3662 Milk Car: Much requested since the Postwar Celebration Series began, the operating milk car makes its anticipated return in CII. Replicated from an actual postwar piece, this car retains all of the features and decoration that made it so beloved. Complete with the stamped metal platform, this car is ready to go into action for postwar enthusiasts and new hobbyists alike. (6-19554)

Last Chance to Celebrate Lionel's Centennial Year...
Lionel 6464 Centennial Boxcar: Take one last opportunity to celebrate 100 years of railroading fun with this commemorative 6464 boxcar. The last anniversary piece to be produced in this, our centennial year, is a boxcar that everyone will want to have and treasure. (6-29298)

Merry Christmas!
Lionel and Christmas go hand-in-hand, and this year is no different. With more Christmas items than ever before, you will have something for everyone this holiday season.

All-time favorites like the annual Christmas Boxcar in O-Gauge, American Flyer and Large Scale, are offered, as is the Christmas Gondola with Presents. There is also a Railsounds Christmas Boxcar that plays "Jingle Bells." In addition to these annual winners are a whole host of new cars never before offered.

(6-26272) O-Gauge Christmas Boxcar
(6-48340) American Flyer Christmas Boxcar
(8-87018) Large Scale Christmas Boxcar
(6-36066) Christmas Gondola with Presents
(6-26718) Railsounds Christmas Boxcar

The Reindeer Car has a cute reindeer head that ducks just in time to miss the railroad telltale by the side of the tracks.

A Santa Operating Boxcar shows how Santa makes some of his on-time deliveries in this modern age. When activated, Santa throws out a sack of toys for the eager children below.

The chase is on with the Santa and Snowman Boxcar. Based on the popular Cop and Hobo car, Santa and Mr. Snowman take turns chasing each other on the top of a boxcar. As the car passes underneath a platform, one jumps on, while the other jumps back on top of the moving car.

Brighten the holidays with the Lighted Christmas Boxcar. This car features a festive Christmas tree painted on its side with illuminated Christmas lights "strung on its branches. This car will stand out on any Christmas Layout.

You take the role of air traffic controller with the new North Pole Pylon. Using the base and tower of the Animated Pylon with Airplane, this exciting accessory decorated in the festive colors of the holidays, features Santa and his reindeer circling high above your layout on his way to delivering Christmas presents. This will be the accessory that everyone wants for their holiday layout.

Add fun to any holiday party with the Musical Christmas Tree. The tree features festive ornaments and garland. Underneath, a railroader's dream awaits as boxes of Lionel trains are piled around the base. Circling the tree is a classic Lionel State Set. "Jingle Bells" plays in the background.

A Sneak Peek at Product for 2001:

In addition to the exciting products listed above, we will also feature many new items for shipment in the early part of 2001. Some of these include all-new, Scale Steam Locomotives. Equipped with Command Control, Railsounds and the exciting new Odyssey™ System for speed control, these locomotives will have rich and highly detailed features. Lionel's largest passenger set ever will be displayed in the form of the Santa Fe Anniversary Set. Consisting of Santa Fe F3 A-B-B-A diesel locomotive pulling seven aluminum passenger cars, and packed with features never before offered - including a powered B-unit with die-cast frame just to name one - this set will be one for the ages. Lionel's famous Space and Military Trains will make a comeback as well as the Archive Series and Postwar Celebration pieces including some favorite Operating Accessories. An all-new Hobo Campfire is sure to cause a stir with its introduction as well. These items along with fun, Prototypical and classic Lionel pieces will make CII a big hit for everyone.

The Classic II 2000 Catalog will be out in early September. Best wishes for a safe and profitable summer.


Shortly we will be announcing a new Lionel Century Club. Membership enrollment will begin in early September. We have not fully worked out all the details. However, one key element is you the dealer will still be able to participate. Much of the first club's success was attributed to your help in signing members up. We encourage your support again.

We will communicate the full details of the new club in August.