Tom Snyder's Standard Gauge Layout

When it comes to acquiring Standard gauge these days, one has the option of either paying a lot of money for beat-up original pieces or less money for brand new reproductions. Tom Snyder prefers the brand new look, but still finds use for the old beat-up items like the Blue Comet boiler, which is undergoing restoration. The layout was built by John Kitterman, who has built several Lionel display layouts, including the one that traveled around with Neil Young a few years ago for the "Hoarde" tour.

We've never seen a Standard gauge layout with this much scenery on it. Because the trains are tinplate, people usually don't bother to add trees and other scenic details. Above is the MTH reproduction of the Ives Circus Train. The trees really add a lot to this scene, as do the rocks below. Note the use of the tear-drop lamps along the rock edge. Also mixed with the scenery are reproductions of classic accessories including the 940 Power Station, 300 Hellgate Bridge, 92 Floodlight Towers, 438 Signal Tower, and four 444 Roundhouse Sections.

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